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The Story

A marriage made in heaven. He's travelled the world as a chef.....has even worked for Royalty! 

A chocolatier with a passion you couldn't match.

She's a chocoholic and has his back every step of the way. 


Our Ingredients

Local is key to our brand. We will forage, climb hills, swim rivers to find the finest local ingredients. 

This wee country has the most divine produce and we feel this is what will make our chocolates stand out. 

We use Callebaut Chocolate in our handmade chocolates as its the only one the wife approves of ;-) 

Although based on the rugged North Coast we are happy to supply Chocolates across Northern Ireland and beyond.  

Handmade Chocolates

Our Packaging

All our packaging is 100% biodegradable and our inserts are handmade to keep our zero plastic ethos alive.  We will never compromise on this ethos.  Plastic packaging will NEVER be tolerated at North Coast Chocolates. 

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Handmade Chocolates

We personally make all our chocolates by hand therefore we can not guarantee that everyone of our handmade Chocolates will look the same. 

Although our brand is very much North Coast we are happy to supply chocolates to the whole of Northern Ireland and beyond if required.